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Baltic Sea Cruises

Baltic Sea Cruises

The Baltic is one of the most fascinating regions in the world, representing a captivating of imperial treasures and stunning scenery.

The Baltic Sea undoubtedly played a vital role in the development of modern Europe.
The earliest Viking invaders setting out from its frigid waters, to epic clashes between Russian, German and British fleets competing for control of the seas, the Baltic has been at the heart of some of the most significant developments in history.

The cities of the Baltic offer a magical mix of imperial treasures, stunning architecture and old-world charm. From the lavish buildings and splendid museums of St. Petersburg to the enchanting alleyways of Tallin the region is full of intrigue and wonder.

The Baltic region also brings you dramatic scenery of the fjords that takes you to a different world to witness natural splendours such as cascading waterfalls, soaring mountains and hot springs. Visit this beautiful part of the world and marvel at the awesome power of Mother Nature at work.





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